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Affiliate Program

The Velluto VIP Affiliate Program lets you promote top-quality software products with recurring monthly payouts. We have hundreds of active affiliates and have never missed a payment.

Our current products are Scientific Seller,  Press Advantage and Link Emperor.

Products Open For Promotion:



Marketing Creatives Included

We’ve gone out of our way to design tons of high-converting banners that you can use to promote all of our offers. They’re available in all major sizes and can be accessed directly from your Velluto Affiliate Program account.

If you have an E-Mail list, we have high-converting swipe copy that you can use. Just drop us an E-Mail once you’re signed up for the program and we’ll get it over to you. We can also customize the swipe copy for your list. Just tell us as much as you can about your customers and we’ll go to work.

We’d also love to be an upsell on any products you offer. Our integration team can work with you to smoothly integrate our offers into your sales funnel as an upsell.

VIP-level Access

Velluto’s owners Bobby and Jeremy are available to affiliates for things like exclusive interviews, guest posts, and live events. If you have an audience interested in Internet Marketing, Bobby and Jeremy can give you amazing content, with or without a hard pitch at the end of the presentation.

You’ll also get access to promote exclusive Affiliate-only webinars that are awesome at closing high-ticket Press Advantage sales. Webinars with our sales team will leave your list begging for more, and convert as high as 40%, with EPCs well over $5.

If you’re looking for amazing SEO content, just get in touch tell us about the opportunity.

We Pay On-Time, Every Time

Payments go out through PayPal or mailed check at the beginning of every month. We do not scrub your leads, and we provide full click and conversion tracking through the affiliate dashboard. If you have a custom pixel that you’d like to place on our conversion page, just let us know and we’ll get it placed for you.

We constantly tweak and split-test our sales funnel (pricing, trial terms, etc.) to convert your leads as best as we possibly can.

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This Affiliate Marketing Offer is offered under the Affiliate Program Terms of Service. Note: Fraud will not be tolerated in our Affiliate Program. We manually review all payouts, so if you send us fraudulent sales, you will not get paid. Period.

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